5 Tips for Planning Your YPO or EO Forum Retreat

At EOTraveldestinations we work with YPO and EO Forum Moderators and Education Chairs to plan and execute life-changing Forum Retreats. Here are 5 Keys to winning rave reviews from your Forum Members for time well spent away from business and family.

  1. Know what success looks like.  Ask your Forum members to identify 3 magic genie wishes for a successful retreat. You can then design both the educational programming and experiential social activities of the YPO/EO Forum around those wishes.
  2. Define the budget, location and length of your YPO/EO Retreat. Poll your forum anonymously to help define the length, location and budget for the retreat.  At  EO Travel Destinations we use this data to develop at least two event plans and locations that meet retreats goals, budget and time restrictions.
  3. Hire an Event Team. Look for one point of contact who will coordinate both event planning and facilitation.  This will include negotiation with vendors, programming and an on-site facilitator/concierge. Testimonials matter in selecting a partner along with facilitation experience with YPO and EO Forums.
  4. Learn Something New. Be sure your retreat includes new learning experiences and skills for YPO and EO Forum Members that can be practically applied to both business and life.
  5. Mix Business with Pleasure.  Don’t underestimate the value of downtime as well as the inclusion of experiential learning adventures.  From white water rafting to axe throwing, ziplining, fly fishing and wine tasting, social adventures can provide unique bonding experiences where fun is the operative word.

EO Travel Destinations provides one-stop support for YPO and EO Forum Moderators and Retreat Coordinators.  Retreats are hosted at destinations in North and Latin America, Europe and South Africa.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining us!  In this blog we will be sharing best practices, ideas and resources from our Executive Leadership Forums hosted around the world for Team Retreats including YPO (Young President’s Organization) Forums and EO (Entrepreneur’s Organization) Forums.

Welcome to the Forum! We know we’re in the great company of contemporary leaders who are seeking to bring their best selves to their organizations, their family and their community.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Here’s a preview of what you’ll find in the forum:

  • Articles on Leadership and Innovation
  • Destinations for Corporate Team, YPO and EO Forum Retreats
  • Helpful tips for Event Planners, YPO and EO Moderators and Event Chairs
  • Ideas and Themes for Leadership Retreats
  • Resources for CEO’s