YPO & EO European Adventures

Florence and Tuscany Villas for YPO and EO Forums

We’re now planning a European Adventure for a YPO Forum that will take us to Florence and Tuscany in a retreat focused on Art & Soul Discovery.

Our YPO and EO forums focus on travel discovery combined with a learning adventure. Florence, Birth of the Renaissance provides an ideal destination to explore a new city while discovering more about the power of creativity.

Michael Gelb’s book “How to think like Leonardo Vinci” serves as the backdrop for the Forum to discover a new city while learning more about themselves and each other.

7 Characteristics of Leonardo will be explored in this city of the senses:

  1. Curiosita (Curiosity)
  2. Dimonstratzone (Independent Thinking)
  3. Sfumato (Embrace Uncertainty)
  4. Arte/Scienza (Art and Science and Whole Brain Thinking
  5. Sensazione (Refine your senses)
  6. Corporalita (Mind, Body Care)
  7. Connessione (Interconnectedness)

The itinerary for Florence includes touring the city’s iconic Duomo and the Uffizi Gallery while exploring the sights and sounds of creativity. Experiential learning activities will focus on discovering a new city using daVinci principles. Group activities include:

-Fun, Food and a Ferrari Test Drive

-A Coffee tasting workshop

-A Wine and Culinary Adventure tapping into the Taste of Tuscany.

A private Villa serves as the location for the Forum, providing both privacy and unique accommodation. An onsite concierge frees up the Forum event planner to be fully present during the retreat experience.

Pre-work for the forum includes the Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI) assessment for each leader. Forbes Magazine has identified (NBI) as a key assessment tool for modern leadership. Results of NBI are shared during the Forum.

An important element of YPO and EO Forum Event Planning is the right balance between learning and crafting a travel adventure that will forever bond executives through shared experience.

For information and support in planning your YPO or EO Forum Retreat, visit http://ForumDestinations.com

When Bullying Blocks Innovation

Serving as Vice President of Education for a global anti-bullying organization the face of bullying is always been top of mind for me. From classroom to boardroom, bullies seek to use power and exercise dominance over others. Perhaps the only difference from school yards to work environments is bullying can be re-branded to the more acceptable description of being a tough boss. But do Tough Bosses get better results? Not according to recent studies on workplace culture. “Productivity may rise in the short term, but over time the performance of the staff or team deteriorates, and people quit.” Review this article in the New York Times.


When the CEO gains the reputation of a bully, innovation can be replaced by fear where ideas, opinions and criticisms are held in check to the detriment of the organization. Note: Bullying is not gender specific, though it is perceived that women are more likely to be called out on bullying behaviors.

The Prescription: Creative Problem Solving

This is one reason why Creative Problem Solving is such a key competency for today’s CEO’s in leadership education. http://www.creativeeducationfoundation.org/creative-problem-solving/

In the Forums we host for members of YPO (Young President’s Organization) and (EO) the (Entrepreneur’s Organization) creative problem solving is often the theme of Forum Retreats as well as increased self-awareness and a focus on empathy and relationship building. YPO and EO Retreats are ideal to learn and practice Creative Problem Solving or CPS. Each member of the YPO or EO Forum arrives with a personal or business challenge and leaves with the power of creative peer thinking and solution finding. Practical application is key. During the retreat, forum members are trained to facilitate the process back home with their own teams to foster corporate innovation. According to https://forumdestinations.com YPO and EO Forums frequently remark that learning the CPS process greatly enhanced their own organization’s innovation as well as the effectiveness of their Forums.

  • https://forumdestinations.com provides educational training and facilitation of YPO and EO Forum Retreats. The Firm also designs overall retreat agendas including experiential and fun learning adventures in unique retreat destinations.