Content is King at YPO and EO Forum Retreats

Deciding on the content that will be most valued by your Forum is key to planning an outstanding Retreat

Retreat Content and Learning:

As we work with YPO and EO Forum Members who are charged with planning Forum Retreats, we begin by exploring their BECAUSE. Why is the Forum hosting the retreat? There’s often a goal of spending quality time together to build the relationships within the forum. However, there should also be a deeper content or learning goal. It makes sense that Forum Executives want a value proposition and return on investment. Why am I spending 3-5 days away from my family and business in addition to the expense of the retreat? What is my BECAUSE?

To develop a content value proposition for your retreat, begin by examining the pain points and questions of your members. What are Forum members struggling with? What key decisions or problems could benefit from the group’s collective organism or expertise from an outside facilitator or executive coach. You will often find forum member struggles fall in the big buckets of Career, Family, Money or Health. There’s also area of skill development that can help with all of those buckets such as Creative Problem Solving, Relationship Building, Increased Self Awareness, Presentations and Influence.

Regardless of your content selection, be sure you can articulate clear learning objectives with immediate take home value.

Popular YPO and EO Forum Topics

While some content areas lend themselves to specific locations such as our Go Wild! Go Great Leadership Safaris hosted in Costa Rica and Find your Inner Viking in Iceland. Many topics are portable and can be hosted to at a number of our YPO and EO Forum destinations around the world. This gives retreat organizers the ability to select and customize both the destination and the learning content.

  • Go Wild! Go Great Leadership Safari
  • Play-Create-Succeed:
  • “Sankalpa” Achieving Personal Determination and Focus
  • Fail Fest: “Oops–what can we learn from that?”
  • YPO Hackathon: The Art of Speed Innovation
  • Whole Brain Relationships
  • Developing Your Personal Brand of Leadership
  • Creative Problem Solving and Storytelling Camp for YPO Families
  • MI6 Adventure–Release your inner Bond, Bourne and Bauer!
  • Find your Inner Viking–A YPO Adventure in Iceland
  • For the Health of It! A retreat in Whole Body Wellness

Personal Ah Ha’s from your YPO or EO Retreat

In addition to learning a new skill, forum members should have the opportunity to learn more about themselves. At we use a variety of assessment tools including Clifton’s Strength Finder and the Neethling Brain Instrument. These assessments are completed by members before the YPO/EO Retreat with results shared at the Forum. Additionally, an hour of executive coaching is offered to Forum Members following the retreat.

Customization & Facilitation

Finally, as you look at your learning content, look for a seasoned facilitator with not only experience in YPO and EO Forum Retreats but the ability to customize your retreat choreography. Each YPO and EO Forum is unique and the experience should be a customized choreography of place, space and content.

At our facilitators are vetted for not only content expertise but their ability to create an overall learning experience.

Forum Destinations specializes in planning and executing retreats for Executive Forums including YPO (The Young President’s Organization) and EO (Entrepreneur’s Organization). The Firm with offices in both North and South America works with Forum Moderators and Event Chairs in designing both the content and facilitation as well as selection of destinations for the retreat. Retreats are designed to accommodate learning preferences, travel and budget restrictions.

For support in planning your YPO or EO Retreat, write or visit

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