This is Your Brain! YPO and EO Whole Brain Assessments

NBI®Whole Brain Assessment
NBI Whole Brain Assessments for YPO and EO Forums

A common goal of YPO and EO Forum Retreats is increased Self Awareness as well as achieving a deeper connection and trust among forum members. To achieve that goal, http://forumdestinations and  EO Travel Destinations completes individual and a group forum assessment. The assessment not only identifies individual thinking preferences but shows how the forum thinks and operates as a peer coaching unit. The assessment is recommended for Chief Executives by Forbes.

What is NBI?

NBI® The Neethling Brain Instrument developed by Dr Kobus Neethling in South Africa, provides insight into thinking preferences which impact relationships and success in both business and life. YPO and EO Forum members note their Ah-Ha moment of increased awareness of how they operate and communicate on a daily basis and how applying whole brain thinking to business and personal relationships, including customer communications increases their effectiveness.

The NBI ®assessment also evaluates group and team decision making as well as customer service and sales skills from a whole brain perspective. “We have had forum members immediately bring the NBI®assessment back to their teams. The Realization: diversity of thinking and communications is key to their team’s overall strength and effectiveness” notes the Forum Faculty. There is also increased awareness and understanding about our unconscious bias to work with individuals that think and act like we do”

NBI® Assessments are assigned as pre-work to YPO and EO Forum members before annual retreats, where a deep dive into whole brain thinking and creative problem solving provides immediate take-home tools for CEO’s to navigate the tsunamis of business and life.

NBI® is one of the top assessment tools recommended in a recent article by Forbes Magazine for CEO’s Forbes Assessment Tools.

To bring the NBI® Assessment tool to your YPO or EO Forum or Chapter contact  or visit  EO Travel Destinations and

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