Unique Team Adventures for Executive Forums (YPO and EO)

The Zombie Apocalypse Special Ops Experience

A key ingredient of our YPO and EO Forums often includes a unique experiential learning experience that our event team has curated. In this blog, we feature an adventure that is certain to bring your Forum to Life in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Take a Peak at the Zombie Apocalypse Experience here:

As it turns out both teams and leaders can learn to work together with the help of this special forces adventure based in Las Vegas Nevada where it’s your team against the zombies. The experience is part of a 3-4 day intensive forum retreat that focuses on Leadership, Relationships and Communications. Expert facilitators, familiar with the unique dynamic and functioning of YPO and EO Forums plan and execute the total retreat experience. You can also view http://ApocalypseVegas.com

According to the design team at Forum Destinations, YPO and EO Forum Moderators often have three goals for their retreat that includes:

-Connecting and deepening forum relationships

-Learning Something new with immediate take home value.

-A fun and unique experience

Planning and YPO Forum Retreat or EO Forum Retreat often places huge responsibility on the forum retreat planner who by the way has a day job of running a company. http://forumdestinations.com takes the pain out of planning and executing the retreat through a quick assessment of the retreat goals and member preferences for location, learning and budget. The team then presents two to 3 retreat options to the event chair to present to their forum.

In upcoming blogs, we will include other unique experiences and destinations for YPO Forums and EO Forums the will give your forum members something to write home about.

For support in planning your YPO or EO Forum Retreat or Family Event, contact http://EOtraveldestinations.com

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