Retreat from Smart Phones and Distractions = Tranquility

Whether you’re planning a corporate team retreat or embarking on a solo journey toward mindfulness, setting aside time to connect and reflect are distinctive benefits of a retreat from life’s constant distractions. Imagine a state of Tranquility when and where you are free from agitation of mind and spirit; free from disturbance or turmoil.

One key ingredient of our retreats plans for today’s bustling CEO’s and Entrepreneur’s YPO Forums (Young President’s Organization) and EO (Entrepreneur’s Organization) Forums, is to create an ideal space for tranquility, creativity and connection to thrive.

A Retreat from our Devices

A good norm and simple best practice for retreats is a technology free environment. Sometimes Executives are startled by the data on increasing smart phone use, denying they even come close to what’s reported in the daily averages.

Here’s the Math: We’ve gone from unlocking our phones 56 x a day in 2016 to 73 x in 2018, with generational divides that point to younger people checking phones as much as 150 x a Day

Time away from family and work can be hard and since there’s always a possible emergency, so be sure your retreat allows for phone access and quick check ins during breaks. Hard to believe that checking phones while eating out has become an increasing social norm but the next time you’re eating out, look around you. Protect both retreat and individual tranquility with a clear technology ground rule.

Provide a Retreat Environment for Meaningful Interaction

In every retreat we have hosted for YPO Forums and EO Forums, increased connection and trust of the forum is a key objective. Yes, smart phones can have a negative impact on the social behavior and interaction of the group.

For Impact of Smart Phones on Social Behavior here is one of many articles on the topic:

What makes for the ideal retreat environment?

An Environment that Supports Being Present

Being present is often difficult for participants who are thinking of a never ending to do list or looking in the rear view mirror of their day. Retreats can support presence through facilitation of active listening and participation. Your goal is for your group to be here and now.

2) A Clear and Significant Purpose of your Retreat

The first question of Retreat Planners should be What does success look like? At our YPO and EO Forums we ask Forum Moderators and Event Chairs to give us 3 magic genie wishes. Here’s 4 retreat objectives to get you started.

Fortune Magazine points to 4 Reasons to host a Retreat:

3) Purposeful Facilitation

A well designed forum retreat should have a clear agenda and facilitation that gets you to the Why of Your Retreat. While this sometimes falls on the shoulders of moderators, consideration of an outside, expert facilitator in YPO and EO dynamics is recommended.

4) Unplanned Time for Connection:

Finally, don’t forget that ah ha moments and connections often occur outside of your retreat program, during the informal, unplanned time. Be sure your agenda includes blank spaces for the magic to happen. is an event planning and facilitation firm, specializing in retreats and events for YPO Forums and EO Forums. Contact for help in planning and facilitating your next YPO, EO or Team retreat.

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